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IoT Cellular - FREE Hands-On Training Workshop

With the market for the Internet of Things (IoT) expanding at a remarkably rapid rate, it is essential to get your products connected.

This hands-on workshop is designed to equip developers with the knowledge about the considerations when designing a cellular solution, the security available and the differing technologies to consider.

i.MX RT Crossover Processor

The i.MX RT Series is the industry’s first crossover processor, offering the highest performance Arm® Cortex®-M core, real-time functionality and MCU usability at an affordable price.

Register Today for the i.MX RT Crossover Processor Seminar - Part of the NXP / Future Electronics' i.MX RT Road Show

Get WICED Smart with Nebula

This hands-on training workshop is designed to address the challenges in developing IoT products and equip engineers with key technical skills to develop cloud-connected products.

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